Welcome Janice Chisolm

On behalf of Perry Francis, James McCoy, and the rest of FivebalanceUSA , it is with great pleasure that we welcome Janice Chisolm, MA, MS. Mrs. Janice brings a wealth of knowledge in the mental health field which will greatly benefit FivebalanceUSA’s mission to take on mental helath issues. Take a look at her bio and judge for yourself.
Psychological Associate, Behavioral Consultant, Mobile Therapist
Mrs. Chisolm has a Masters of Arts in Organizational Management and Psychology, and a Master of Science in Psychology. She also has started her doctorate in Educational Psychology. For the past 15 years, Mrs. Chisolm has worked within one of her passions, in the field of mental and behavioral health for children up to 21 years of age. She has developed and monitor behavioral treatment plans for children diagnosed with behavioral and mental health disorders. She has analyzed behaviors and has helped in the development of adaptive skills for the diagnosed child to take a more positive role in their school, home & community settings. Mrs. Chisolm has provided prescribed behavioral consultation to families and/or schools. She has trained Behavior Health Technicians (BHT) formerly Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) on appropriate therapeutic interventions and has completed Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA). For the past 2 years, Mrs. Chisolm has conducted psychological evaluations under the supervision of a psychologist for children up to 21 years of age, providing diagnosis for several mental and behavioral health challenges within the home, school and community settings. Recently, Mrs. Chisolm has participated on a panel and podcasts addressing mental and behavior health illnesses in children, mental health support in the school system and the importance of mental health awareness. If that doesn’t sum up her qualifications and bring clarity to what Janice brings to the FivebalanceUSA team, then I’m at a loss for words lol. Again welcome to the team Janice and we look forward to hearing your assessment and working with you on how we can implement Fivebalance methods into helping to suppress mental health issues across in the States and abroad!

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